Mama Africa

Mama Africa

Mama África is like a musical book, ranging from the genesis of African music up to the present day, with all the influences of African music and African instruments, such as the tama, the kora and some from other parts of the continent, in a mixture of world rhythms, the so-called World Music.

In this musical adventure we travel through Latin America, the United States, Latin America, Central America, where we find rhythms and genres such as funky, Latin Jazz, Calipso, from Jamaica its Reggae and ska, and from Brazil its bossa nova. From Cuba we use musical genres such as Changüí, son, cha cha chá, and mambo. The guitar is the common thread that, together with other instruments and the voice, enables us to travel on this musical journey.

From Senegal Amadou Diagne uses the kora and tama to give an overall colorful sound to the CD.

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