Tumi Music Editorial

Tumi Music (Editorial Limited) is the publishing wing of Tumi Music, which is affiliated to Music Sales UK, with offices in all major cities including: London, Paris, New York, Los Angeles, Sydney, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Madrid, Berlin and Copenhagen and is represented by many agents all over the world.

Tumi has been publishing music since 1993 - our catalogue of Latin American writers is therefore impressively diverse and expansive. We are proud of the fact that we publish works by many Latin American writers from isolated small towns or villages that otherwise would have little chance to publish their works.

Among many exclusive writers are Cándido Fabré (Cuban son, Salsa), Yusimil Bridon (Yusa - Jazz, Fusion of trova), Edgar Villarroel (Andean melodies), Nedule Montsvet (Papa Noel) (Conglese rumba). Others include people such as Bobby Caracasses (Latin Jazz), Mauricio Venegas (Fusion of Andean and western melodies), Felix Baloy (Cuban Son), David Alvarez, Pedro Jesus Diaz, Lazaro Blanco, Gustavo Cabaña, Lucia Huerga, Rey Crespo, Domingo Candelaria, Alberto Flores, Josef Koumbas, Andy Gola, Sergio Lago Ortega, Papi Oviedo, Elio Reve, Alberto Tosca, Saldanha Rolim. All these names demonstrate the diversity of the writers whose works are published by Tumi and managed Worldwide by Music Sales.

If you are a writer particularly from Latin America and would like us to consider your work kindly fill the form below and send it to us.

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