Can't believe my eyes (inst.)

by Alexis Bosch, Cesar Lopez and Josef Koumbas

A slow-tempo romantic and slow rock melody with a touch of blues journey takes you to 60's and 70's rock scenes. It is also another example of the ability of the Cuban musicians to adapt to music outside there normal experience.Some great sax and guitar moments.




Jazz with a touch of rock,blues and Reggae from the English Composer and singer Josef Koumbas accompanied by some of Cuban top Jazz musicians to include Roberto Carcasses,Cesar Lopez,Emilio Martini and the famous sexto Sentido.

Artist: Josef Koumbas

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Josef Koumbas

Josef Koumbas

Born of an Irish mother and a Greek Cypriot father in London in 1944, Josef Koumbas formed his first band at the tender age of 12. He went on to spend 3 years in Australia, fascinated by the art and music of the aborigines. He visited Cuba in 1990, arriving with a Ronnie Scotts group from London UK, more…

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Josef Koumbas
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Jazz, Instrumental, Rock, Blues and Jazz-fusion
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