El Zorro

by Clemente Echevarria and Felix Baloy y Su Cubans All Stars

A medium tempo Salsa. El Zorro or the 'Fox' is a melodic salsa sung by Felix Baloy...that his wife tells him he is like fox and all the time going about everything in a fox like way...


Buena Vista Special

Buena Vista Special

The Buena Vista Social Club was a members club in Havana, Cuba that held dances and musical activities, becoming a popular location for musicians to meet and play during the 1940s. In the 1990s, nearly 50 years after the club was closed, it inspired a recording made by Cuban musician Juan de Marcos more…

Artist: Cuban Compilation

Latin Quarter III: Salsa

Latin Quarter III: Salsa

Welcome to the Latin quarter where you will find music from all corners of Latin America. This salsa compilation is part of a series from 1 to 10 containing Salsa from Colombia, Cuba, Congo, Puerto Rico,Miami and New york

Artist: Salsa Compilation

The best of Felix Baloy

The best of Felix Baloy

Felix Baloy has been the main vocalist of the group Afro-Cuban All Stars and one of the Buena Vista social Club singers. Known as the sonero of the soneros , this compilations offers some two decades of Baloy recordings with both his band and Juan de Marcos Gonzalez band Afro-Cuban All Stars.

Artist: Felix Baloy

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Julio Antonio
Tumi Music (Editorial) Ltd
Salsa and Son
Piano, Bongos/Congas, Double Bass, Trumpet, Vocals, Pailas and Guiro
Cuba and Puerto Rico