La Visita

by Hector Valentin Larrondo Ricardo and Elio Reve y su charangon

"La Visita" The changui of Elio Reve Jr is the proof of a great musical legacy. The track is refreshing while keeping the flavour of the Cuban music. This is a Salsa and Salsa at its best...


Salsa for Biginners

Salsa for Biginners

A collection of salsa rhythms selected by the founder of Tumi Music "Mo Fini" for all salsa lovers who love to listen and dance all night long. Very much suitable for the beginners.

Artist: various

Cabaret Alibar

Cabaret Alibar

This compilation showcases some of Cuba's top performers; Candido Fabre, Afro-Cuban all Stars, David Alvarez, Omara Portuando, Elio Reve, Jovenes Clasicos del Son, Hermanos Bravo, Susana Baca,Dan Den, Son 14, El Muso, Celina Gonzalez, Raul Planas, Felix Rondon, Aragon, Puntillita and Ruben Gonzelez

Artist: Compilation

Chanqui en la Casa de Nora

Chanqui en la Casa de Nora

The musical legacy of the father of changui, Elio Reve, lives on through his son Elio Reve Jr who, together with the legendary band of his father presents the rhythm of changui, both traditional and new. A big sound from a big band, Elio Reve Jr continues the tradition, leading the band that his fat more…

Artist: Elio Reve y su charangon

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Norberto Shang
Tumi Music (Editorial) Ltd
Changui, Salsa and Cuban Salsa
Piano, Guitar, Double Bass, Keyboard, Pailas, Guiro, Clave and Maracas