Rumberito baila

by Alma Latina, Eliades Ochoa and Maria Ochoa

Un upbeat fusion of afro-Rumba. Rumba is an Afro- Cuban dance where the men compete to beat other parties for the woman who also dances. Each party shows its strength and movement trying to win the woman.

Get ready rumba dancers the Negro is coming,

When you hear the drumming your feet won't stop

Get ready dancers I am coming here to sing,

With feeling, with desire, my Negro can dance

That has black

Oh since he moves

With his hips

Moving here, moving there

Open the wardrobe you will hear the Quinto sounding

Run the party of the night of the rumba, the dance, the dancer


Guajira Mas Guajira

Guajira Mas Guajira

The multiple Grammy winning Artist of Buena Vista Social Club Eliades Ochoa with his sister Maria Ochoa get together to produce one of the most wonderful recording of all times in Cuba. Maria remembers how she used to sit in a hammock and asked Eliades to play on his broken guitar so that she could more…

Artists: Alma Latina, Eliades Ochoa and Maria Ochoa

Featured Artist

Alma Latina

Alma Latina (Group)

directed by Julio Montoro alma latina consisit of 7 top musicians playing latin and fusion.


Maria Ochoa

Maria Ochoa

The sisiter of Eliades Ochoa singer/song writer.

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Tumi Music (Editorial) Ltd
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