Ya esta el cafe

by Alma Latina and Eliades Ochoa

an upbeat tropical melody. Ya esta el cafe. beautiful and energetic melody singing about the fact that coffee is ready and come and drink it. much energy and swing. Combination of electric guitar of Julio Montero and acoustic guitar of Eliades Ochoa and backed by group Alma Latina.

Milling and grinding coffee,

Mommy I'm dying of love,

So rich that you grind the coffee

I spent the entire night to myself,

Listening to the grinding of the coffee

The rhythm of my Changüí

Between the guitar and maracas

Three people arrived,

The Party was good

And I told Compay Geroncio to come over

The rooster started singing, the coffee began brewing,

My old man began moving and said to me:

'Country girl you look good'

I just want a brew that let's me move my feet,

With your walks, there's that cute look as it grinds the coffee,

There are two spoonfuls of love and affection and one of a trumpet solo

Maria came to the party and here I am full of joy,

In time of for my basin,

And a tasty coffee

Milling and grinding coffee,

Mommy I'm dying of love,

So rich that you grind the coffee


Guajira Mas Guajira

Guajira Mas Guajira

The multiple Grammy winning Artist of Buena Vista Social Club Eliades Ochoa with his sister Maria Ochoa get together to produce one of the most wonderful recording of all times in Cuba. Maria remembers how she used to sit in a hammock and asked Eliades to play on his broken guitar so that she could more…

Artists: Alma Latina, Eliades Ochoa and Maria Ochoa

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Alma Latina

Alma Latina (Group)

directed by Julio Montoro alma latina consisit of 7 top musicians playing latin and fusion.


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Julio Montoro
Tumi Music (Editorial) Ltd
Salsa, Tropical and Latin