Deja pasar el tiempo

by Laritza Bacallao, Domingo Candelario, Julio Montoro, Luis Alberto Vicet Vives(La Crema), Yan Regueiro Garcia and Yusimil Gonzalez

Time passes

Leave allowed to spend time doing

let in the sunrise will attempt

all the rains to pass to leave.

and the heart is home from the top to the root

If you could buy all the reason to understand the passage of migrating from the Sun

Except where I put the fate

where stroke

and look at the soul and give

The Heart understood to exist over

But love covers only survive

In other sea salts

and another love kisses

always be my soul

waiting for your song

Sad will be the one you wanted to shed tears

Pride alone could console

Except where I put the fate

where stroke

and look at the soul and giving.




Trova is one of the great roots of the Cuban music tree. In the 19th century there grew up in Oriente, and especially Santiago de Cuba, a group of itinerant musicians, trovadores, who moved around earning their living by singing and playing the guitar. According to one writer, to qualify as a trovad more…

Artist: Domingo Candelario

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Domingo Candelario

Domingo Candelario

Singer/song writer Domingo Candelario was born in the heart of La Havana, Cuba. As a child he was greatly influenced and inspired by the Brazilian music that his parents listened to. He went on to develop his own unique style within the "Nueva Trova" movement which began in the late '60s and has i more…

Yusimil Gonzalez

Yusimil Gonzalez

Piano and Key Board player Yusimil Gonzalez is one of the few females in Cuba which plays different kinds of instruments including piano and key board.

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