El baile de buey cansado

by Juan Formell y Los Van Van

The Tired Cow' this song is an attempt to create a new rhythm as the singer says, he looked at the movement of a tired cow and got the rhythm and inspiration from there. So if you don't know how to dance it, look at a tired cow. A bit quirky sound effects not very typical in Cuban music makes it rare and interesting.

Written by Juan Formell and performed by Los Van van.


The Best of Juan Formell y los Van Van

The Best of Juan Formell y los Van Van

This album is a personal selection of los Van Van's best work recorded between 1969 and 1990. The tracks were chosen by Tumi Music. The best of Los Van Van was released on Tumi Music label in 1996 and has their famous political hit " La Habana no aguanta mas".

Artist: Juan Formell y Los Van Van


Other Information

Juan Formell
Unknown (Awaiting update)
Salsa, Son, Timba and Cuban Salsa
Piano, Bongos/Congas, Double Bass, Violin, Trumpet, Vocals, Keyboard, Pailas, Guiro, Trombones, Clave and Sound effects