Cuidado con el Profesor

by Cándido Fabré

A son by the master of son. He warns a teacher of a girl and what she may become in the future.

A fast son full of violins.

This track is a selection of all of the hits by Candido up to this date. As he creates a pot pourri of his musical talent.

She did voodoo on me' is the title of this wonderful salsa song by Candido Fabre.

This son by Candido Fabre carries the full flavour of his distinctive style. In this song, other singers start the song by asking for Candido. Then Candido comes in to start the party! The song "Cuidado con el Profesor" is one of Candido Fabre's earlier songs.


Son de Cuba

Son de Cuba

Candido Fabre is considered on of the most versatile and ingenious soneros of Cuba. His gift for improvisation and rhythm allow him to convert any sort of situation, sorrow or joy into a 'son'! This is Candido's classical album and first after leaving the band Original de Manzanillo in 1993. It incl more…

Artist: Cándido Fabré


Cándido Fabré

Cándido Fabré

"He is the greatest sonero since Benny More. Candido has the phrasing and fire of a great salsa vocalist? " Latin Beat - USA "Infectious - what else? Cuban son at its best has the zest of the fresh, custom-made cocktail" Jan Fairley, Folk Roots, UK "Cuban charanga at its finest" Latin Beat, USA " more…

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Cándido Fabré
Tumi Music (Editorial) Ltd
Son and Charanga
Piano, Bongos/Congas, Flute, Tres, Violin, Vocals, Bass Guitar, Pailas and Guiro