The Good Way Of The People

by Waorani Indians and Instant Xen

deep, ambient jungle

Break-beat and dance mixed with chanting and sounds from the Amazonian rain forest.


Latin Quarter VII: Latin America: Dance & Remixes

Latin Quarter VII: Latin America: Dance & Remixes

Welcome to the Latin quarter where you will find music from all corners of Latin America. This compilation is part of a series from 1 to 10 containing Music from all corners of Latin america. This is number 7 and covers some of the Latin dance and re-mixes . among the artists are : Tribal drift, more…

Artist: Compilation

Ambient Amazon

Ambient Amazon

Ambient dance tracks inspired by chants from " Waorani Indians" in the heart of the Amazon Forest of South America. This is re-mix of live recording of the "Waorani" people of the rain forest of Amazon basin. In this unique recording the indigenous people of the Amazonian the the heads of the India more…

Artist: Waorani Indians

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Other Information

Instant Xen and Waorani Indians
Tumi Music (Editorial) Ltd
Dance, Ambient, Ritual, Instrumental, New Age, Trance and Remix
Chanting, Keyboard, Nature Sounds, Drums and didgeridoos
Brazil, Ecuador and Amazon
Medium fast