De lo que quiero saber

by Ismael Borges and Alejandro Almenares

To have fun

until I left La Trova

in order to have fun

until I left La Trova

once that drank

I could find out of a gossip.

For me I Trova

I go, I go

to enjoy pleasure

pleasure, pleasure

to have a woman

I can not forget

I know and care

and I want to know

I go to La Trova

I go, I go

so I can find out

of what I know.


Casa De Trova (Cuba 50's)

Casa De Trova (Cuba 50's)

Alejandro Enis Almenares Born in Santiago de Cuba 24th May 1937 is perhaps the last of the Troubadours of the golden age of Trova in Cuba. As a composer he has written over several hundred songs including "Mueve la cintura mulata" used in the film "Pecado Original". starring Antonio Banderas call more…

Artist: Alejandro Almenares

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Ismael Borges

Ismael Borges



Alejandro Almenares

Alejandro Almenares

Alejandro Almenares was born on May 24, 1937, in the city of Santiago de Cuba into the humble family of Julia and Angel Sanchez Almenares. His father was the founder of "La Casa De Trova" alongside Virgil Palay and was one of the greatest troubadours in Cuba. In an informal chat over lunch he tel more…

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Alejandro E. Almenares
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Son and Trova
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